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Operation Rimfire - Fireflight Squadron by Grebo-Guru Operation Rimfire - Fireflight Squadron :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 40 38 AMF-X2000 Gigakaiser by Grebo-Guru AMF-X2000 Gigakaiser :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 44 30 Marduk-Meltrandi Battlesuit by Grebo-Guru Marduk-Meltrandi Battlesuit :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 51 12 VF-5000S Star Mirage - Lanternjacks (Fighter mode) by Grebo-Guru VF-5000S Star Mirage - Lanternjacks (Fighter mode) :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 108 28 RX-185 Hypus Mark-II by Grebo-Guru RX-185 Hypus Mark-II :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 31 26 Jason Vorhees custom figure diorama by Grebo-Guru Jason Vorhees custom figure diorama :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 2 0 Jason Vorhees custom figure by Grebo-Guru Jason Vorhees custom figure :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 4 2 YMS-06ZN[X] Zakong by Grebo-Guru YMS-06ZN[X] Zakong :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 17 15 AMX-227B Zabadack by Grebo-Guru AMX-227B Zabadack :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 19 11 AMX-217A Jeghoul by Grebo-Guru AMX-217A Jeghoul :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 37 18 AMS-207 Deeg-S by Grebo-Guru AMS-207 Deeg-S :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 21 26 MSN-11 Psyco-Dorla by Grebo-Guru MSN-11 Psyco-Dorla :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 19 10 MSN-10 Jagd-Zaurus by Grebo-Guru MSN-10 Jagd-Zaurus :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 18 13 MSN-09 Marquess by Grebo-Guru MSN-09 Marquess :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 16 24 MSN-03SC Jagd-Doga Super Custom by Grebo-Guru MSN-03SC Jagd-Doga Super Custom :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 24 10 MSA-099F Sieg Dias by Grebo-Guru MSA-099F Sieg Dias :icongrebo-guru:Grebo-Guru 15 3


This is terrific. I like the concept of a sci-fi samurai/ronin that's not overly fanciful, not too fantasy-leaning.

My only criticisms are: (1) his feet look a little small, (2) the design of the helmet has so many varied angles that it's unclear if the drafting/perspective of the helmet is a little bit off, or if that's just a side effect of the multi-faceted structure, and (3) it seems a shame this is fully monochromatic; I'd love to see this design in various color schemes.

Also, while I enjoy the asymmetry of the design, I find myself wanting to see what the right shoulder pad and forearm guard look like. Providing a detail of those two parts would rock. But man, overall this is a superb piece of work!
Operation Rimfire - Fireflight Squadron
The United Algolian Alliance's flagship, the Rimfire, carried a complement of ten Sentinels. These, and their pilots, were called "Fireflight squadron." Originally I envisioned all ten Sentinels sporting the same red-and-white color scheme, but once I'd recolored their final boss -- the Gigakaiser -- in crimson, I changed my mind. Instead it occurred to me that the Sentinels could be color-coded, much like your Super Sentai/Power Rangers schema. Might make it easier to keep track of changing battle conditions. 

Anyway, I grabbed some random free-for-public-use tribal vectors to decorate the individual shields. Can't remember where I found them, honestly. But this was a quick(ish), just-for-fun project, so I didn't wanna sweat these details. Oh, and I added an eleventh Sentinel -- the unknown unit zero. Because, y'know, anime!

As usual, I don't own the lineart for this drawing, I did it for R. Talsorian Games, who owns the art and ideas herein. No infringement intended nor implied, this is just some fan work.
AMF-X2000 Gigakaiser
Height: 21.75 meters
Weight: 140 metric tons
Groundspeed: 112 kph
Airspeed: 322 kph
Acceleration: 1.5 Gs
Sensor Range: 7 km effective, 1000 km maximum
Armor Material: Compressed Ceramet Alloy
: 2x Tandem-Burst Energy Cannon
: 2x High-Energy Sword
: 2x Missile Launcher (fifteen warheads each)
Special Equipment
: Focused Electromagnetic Barrier
: Anti-Radar ECM Module
: Anti-Missile ECM Module

This is the final boss from Operation Rimfire (an adventure for the Mekton roleplaying game), a unique mech created by the Axis terrorist organization for Lord Emil Dremmond. It's protected by a forcefield (which made it very hard for the heroes to defeat) generated from the node between the legs; the protrusions at the ankles house electronic warfare systems. 

I've already colored the Gigakaiser in dark gray/black (see it at but originally I had imagined it red, so I figured I'd try it out here. This also gave me a chance to do a better, more comprehensive coloring job, complete with three-tone shading. I think it came out fairly well -- definitely an improvement, at least.

Anyway, the lineart for this image is copyright and everything R. Talsorian Games, no infringement intended nor implied, etc.
Marduk-Meltrandi Battlesuit
Note: I did not draw this; Koichi Ohata did. I just scanned the artworks from a Macross II artbook, merged them in Photoshop, and colored the result.  

This is the Meltrandi-use powered armor Battlesuit from Macross II. However, its lower legs are swiped from Feff's commander-type Gigamesh* mech. I really like the design of the Marduk/Meltran suit, but I never liked its color scheme and I seriously dislike its skinny, pointy lower legs and high-heeled, tippy-toe feet. On the other hand, I never liked the Gigamesh* much except for its lower legs, with those big, stompy claw-feet and all. So I grafted the parts I like together and I'm pretty happy with the result.

*Yes yes, I know the Marduk's giant robot is traditionally called "Gilgamesh" (like the legendary character) but that's actually wrong. If you read the katakana, it's Gigamesh. No "l" (or "ru") in it anywhere.

Anyway! Obviously, I don't own Macross. All rights belong to Big West, Studio Nue, Shoji Kawamori, etc. No infringement intended nor implied, etc etc.
Question for my fellow Mobile Suit Gundam fans! I've colored up two rough designs of a mobile suit called the ハイパス -- the katakana translates as "High-Pass," but that's not a really great MS name. I went with "Hyputh" but now I'm not sure that's the best choice. Other possibilities include:
I'm leaning towards "Hypus" but I'm still undecided. Wondering what anyone else thought. Chime in, please!
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Grebo Guru
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I like to draw -- especially mecha (Japanese anime-style piloted giant robot vehicles.) If you'd like me to do a commission for you, I'd be thrilled. I call myself "Grebo Guru" in reference to a song by my favorite band, Pop Will Eat Itself.


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ThePaperTiger Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+devwatch:! :)
RaishaGS Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks for the fave man! Really appreciate it! =)
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Thanx for watchin´ ^^
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Thanks for the watch!
Grebo-Guru Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks for all your awesome work. You're quite an inspiration!
SHArtII Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016
awww you're welcome ;u;/
SmokeyPanda123 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Wow dude, can I just say that your work is fantastic? Although my account is pretty inactive nowadays (with only embarrassing middle school mistakes existing there lol), I've gotten myself into mech drawing and figure building myself. I have only just found your gallery a few minutes ago and I already love the classic Gundam style you've got going on. Since your bio mentions commissions, but your most recent journal post (from 2014) says that you've stopped taking them, I'd like to ask what your prices and stuff would be if I ever worked up the wallet to pay you for one.
Maybe expect a Lego build of one of your mobile suits in the near-to-distant future as well ;)

Have a nice day/night.
Grebo-Guru Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Well! Thank you very much indeed. Sadly, my drawing mojo has been missing in action for quite a while now. In lieu of my own drawings, I've decided to post photoshop colorizations of MS rough designs, photographs of custom figures I've done, and stuff like that. All for the sake of keeping my DA gallery from being a total cobwebsite, and to maybe amuse a few people and, admittedly, perhaps snag a few cheap kudos. :-P I really appreciate your compliments. Mecha design is a very tough task, but it's damn fun. My commission prices, once I get back to doing them, can be discussed in private messages. Feel free to shoot me a line and we can talk about it. And if you ever do a Lego build of one of my designs, I'll be blown away! The builds you have are really cool -- I've flirted with the idea of trying to build some Lego mecha for my Halo Mega Bloks minifgs to pilot, but I'm scared to go too far down the Lego parts-hunting (and hoarding) rabbit hole. Anyway, great to hear from you, and thanks! I look forward to chatting with you further.
Gilbert001 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016
Hi, as someone running a group through Operation: Rimfire, I have to say I love your work. My players just got their shiny new Ex-Sentinels. The sheer amount of effort put into that campaign just radiates off the book (of which I grabbed a physical copy 23 years after release!). It makes me nervous that any followup campaign I run won't have such excellent mecha art!
Grebo-Guru Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Aw. You are much, much too kind. I deeply appreciate the encouragement, and I'm glad you're having such a blast with the campaign! I'm proud of the mecha design work I did for it, and wish I'd done more. But hey, I've been able to put a lot of stuff here, so that works out OK...
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